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I fucking cuss way too fucking much.

Pouring alcohol on a blister…. FUCKI honestly think I’d rather take the pain of being punched in the ribs, kidneys, or a few other places than the pain from pouring alcohol on an open blister, depending on who’s doing the punching maybe.Also on a semi-related not what is with most people with feet. Almost all females I’ve encountered are like EWWW FEET. I mean it’s a foot, it’s a body part that serves a significant role like your hands. I mean some people have ugly feet, and some people have smelly feet, but not all people do so what the fuck about this body part itself makes it so gross to so many people. Some people are the opposite with feet which is equally weird and there lies why it’s called a fetish.I’m rambling I need sleep.P.S. I just thought to myself that even smelling weird and/or looking weird shouldn’t be good enough of reasons to claim feet themselves are gross, especially if you’re a female, because if those were the only characteristics required to make something gross then half women’s vaginas would never get touched.P.S.S. I know I’m wrong. Some guys are still going to touch your weird looking and smelling vagina, but you got the point of the argument I was trying to make.